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Sharing the Best Durian Products in the World with You

Durian Processing and Durian Product Manufacturing in Malaysia

In 2005 DURIA made a proposal to the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture to establish the first durian collection factory, and so it was that the vision of the “Durian Champion King” was born.

DURIA has been producing durian mooncakes since 2012 and is a founding brand of durian mooncakes in Malaysia.

DURIA’s Durian Snowy Mooncakes are also available in the USA, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and other international markets.

At DURIA’s R&D and production facility, we have four Snowy Durian Mooncake production lines occupying 35,000 square feet. Our freezer can store up to 400 tons of durian fruit.

DURIA? Is it a typo?

No, DURIA is durian without the “n”, because making durian fruit products is a sustainable business that will never “end.”

In Chinese our brand name is “Liu Guan Wang” (Durian Champion King), and means that our goal is to become the “champion king” of the durian business and establish an “everlasting durian kingdom.”

DURIA has established a strong history of processing and manufacturing of durian fruit products in Malaysia. We are also pioneers in the export of durian products from Malaysia.

DURIA’s R&D and Production Capabilities


Production Plant


Production Lines


Freezer Capacity

DURIA is strongly supported by the Malaysian government and by other countries

The world loves DURIA!

Why choose DURIA?

Strict cleanliness standards and management processes: The DURIA production and management standards are the highest in Malaysia and have been recognized by government and industry.

Here Are a Few of Our Durian Products

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